We’ll be back soon!

Sorry for the inconvenience but Xarta (Xarta / Timeouttherapy / the-icons) is performing some maintenance at the moment. If you need to you can always contact Dave, otherwise we’ll be back online shortly!

— Dave


If this page took a little while to load, it could mean an issue with my web2.xarta.co.uk server. I use pfSense's load balancer to switch to a failover IIS reverse proxy if my primary one fails. In the IIS proxy I use ARR (Application Request Routing). If the server farm(s) do not respond within a given timeout, then the reverse proxy will raise a 502 (CGI application error / bad-gateway etc.) error. I'm showing this page instead. It might mean my web2.xarta.co.uk server is down ... I'm looking at how to implement failover at server farm level rather than just load balancing at server farm level. PRTG will have notified me, hopefully, about web2.xarta.co.uk being down, if it is. I've set a custom 502 error response to direct to this page. I plan to set-up 502 alerts also - belt & braces approach.

If this page loaded quickly - i.e. no timeout, then I've manually enabled a redirect rule on my reverse proxy while I perform maintenance or investigate any issues. Service should resume within hours.

Once I have failover of some sort working at server farm level, if I can do that, then hopefully - except for when working on this failover process itself, this page should no longer appear. However - I have multiple competing priorities so might be a little while until I achive that goal.