Welcome to Xarta
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Recent exploits with programming and technology

This is my first attempt at a website from scratch in about 10-years. It's a work in progress. I apologise for the current lack of accessibility. That's something I hope to address when I have a job again and can prioritise more ethically than I can right now with severe priority competition.

I wanted to build on my three.js knowledge and incorporate audio/video. My JavaScript knowledge is pretty old and underdeveloped - around a partial ES3 level. While building this site I learned/implemented better practices around using NPM/Gulp for my development, and am learning more about ES2015 (using Bable).

Also the code has completely gotten away from me and is messy. My next steps in that regard are to learn how to use jspm and SystemJS, and refactor into suitable modules. And also to take advantage of ES2015 to simplify/decompose the code structure, using objects/classes in a more idiomatic way. I want to take better advantage of document.querySelector and more advanced CSS3 for example.

Job seeking

Since my employer's insolvency at the end of August 2016, I've spent considerable time learning .Net / C# in depth, cross-platform technology, IoT etc. and went on to devise and install & implement advanced networking/server configuration at home using pfSense and smart switches as the backbone. At the same time, I revisited WordPress, updating my existing sites a little, and making headway learning some PHP as I made my own WordPress plugin. Along the way I've not been able to avoid JavaScript, and hope to advance it to a basic working understanding of ES2015.

This is a simple indexing/links page supporting some WebGL bling for effect. I'm using it as a vehicle to advance & demonstrate some of my skills. Once stable, and once I've ticked-off technical good practices, I'll look at implementing better accessibility also. I've chosen the visual medium as the primary conveyance for my "brand-messaging", and my approach / implementation of a fly-out menu is too hard for me, at the moment, to make accessible. I'm at least working on scripted keyboard controls to compensate. Unfortunately I can't allow normal keyboard functionality - the normal off-screen/display:none approach is hard to implement on a right-hand-side fly-out menu.

About me

I've lived in Manchester / Stockport since 1994 and hope one day to get a job that makes use of and develops my programming skills.

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