Taking server offline 2020/09/13

I have been so busy with work and other priorities that I have not had time to maintain my sites. I am taking the-icons.co.uk offline anyway because my sister and her husband have not had time to contribute to the maintenance of the site in years and media had expired and the site needed updating for security reasons.

My blog ran on an Ubuntu VM of its own and of course requires frequent maintainence for security. Because of some customisations totally automated updates were not an easy option. Recent hacking attempts have stepped up to the extent of upsetting my router and possibly changing my htaccess file though I need to investigate further. I just do not have time for it right now, and intend to move everything to Docker containers anyway which is a bit more involved because of past customisations. Obviously I keep backups of the VM. But for now, while my priorities are with work and other home concerns, I am simply taking my blog server offline. I might actually look at c# based CMS options.

By 2021 I will also be stopping hosting of timeouttherapy.co.uk because of other priorities: I no longer have time resource for it.

Additionally pfSense will not be supporting the built in load balancer in the next release, which is further incentive for me to switch to a container based system, possibly a hybrid onprem/cloud container based set-up using Azure which will tie in better with my day-job aspirations.

I also want to update my main site to blazer + three.js

Finally I'm also focused on an IoT project, so it could be sometime before I can update my home systems.

— Dave